Best Friend shirts

Hey guys! So today’s video is diy gifts, sort of for people around our age group.

I tried to make these all gifts that i personally would like to receive, so they’re kind of more … relevant i guess? (i don’t know) So this video is a collab with the lovely Angelina, i will link her channel down below, as well as here.

I love Angelina’s videos, they’re such great quality and they’re just really professional, and they have this minimalist vibe that i really love – because I’ve just been loving minimalism lately! As soon as you finish watching this video you should definitely go over and check out her video.

If you click it here it will also open in a new tab, if you are not on mobile.

And before i ramble too much, lets just get into the video! To make this makeup brush roll, you will just need a placemat, and a hot glue gun.

I got this placemat at a dollar store for $2.

50 but you can also get them at thrift stores.

So you just want to fold the bottom up, and just make sure of course that it will fit whatever brushes or.

I don’t know, whatever you would like to put inside it.

And then just glue little stripes of hot glue down.

Its kind of hard to explain but you can kind of see what I’m doing; making little pockets for the brushes.

And of course do that the whole way along.

Next i decided to attach some ribbon so that it could be tied closed- i just had this in my collection of stuff and it happened to match.

So cut out two pieces of ribbon, and attach them together, and then glue them onto one end.

And now as you can see, you can just put in your brushes.

And if you want, you can make some of the pockets bigger than others to fit larger or smaller brushes- its really up to you.

And then once they’re all in there, you just roll it up, and tie it with the ribbon.

And this isn’t just for makeup brushes, you can also use it to hold paintbrushes, or pencils, or whatever the interest is of the person you are giving it to.

Next up is a flower crown.

So to make this you will just need a bunch of fake flowers- i got these from a dollar store and they’re really, really cheap.

Optionally, you can also have some wire to base it around, but really you don’t have to do this.

Next you just want to intertwine the wires of the flowers and make the crown.

Make sure that you use a range of large and small flowers, that way it will look the most balanced.

I decided to just make half a crown for this one.

If you do this, you can use some sort of tape to go over the edges, and make it feel a little bit more professional, and so you don’t have any wires poking out of hurting anyone.

You could also do this with ribbon.

So for these personalized tea bags, you’re going to need some coffee filter paper.

You can buy this at any supermarket.

I chose this one which is unbleached, but it really doesn’t matter.

Next cut out some little rectangle shapes, a bit bigger than you want your tea bags to be.

So cut out as many as you want to make, i tried making some heart shaped ones, but i did find that i liked the rectangle ones better.

Then just sew around three of the sides, leaving one open- you can hand-sew this as well, but don’t glue it.

So you can either use a loose leaf blend (i found this a t2, which is one of my favourite shops in the whole world) or you could mix together some of your own.

So put a spoonful inside the tea bag- don’t overfill it because we still need to close it.

And half of them were a mix of these two berry flavoured teas from Twinings, that i thought would go really well together.

And once you have made as many as you want, cut up some lengths of string, then fold in the corners of the tea bag, fold the top over (just like this), put your string in place, and pop a staple through it.

And just to be safe, i tied a knot with the string as well.

So again, just fold in the corners and fold the top down.

And then you can cut out some little tags (if you want) to attach to the other end.

And i didn’t really know what to write, but you can write literally whatever you want on these tags.

And to package them, you can put them in a little box or something- i just decided to out them in this little jar from ikea.

Another great idea you can make as a gift for your best friend is a tshirt.

So i always see these really great sassy shirts on tumblr, with lots of different sassy quotes, so I’ll insert some of my favourites here that you can use for inspiration.

But the one i decided to make was inspired by the Brandy Melville Alien shirt, which is also quite popular on tumblr.

So all you need to do to make a really simple tshirt- I’m sure you’ve seen this a thousand times before- but you can get these printer transfer sheets, and you just need to print out an image on this paper, according to the instructions on the packet (because it does vary between them).

Then place it face down, iron it onto your tshirt, and then carefully peel off the backing and you have a tshirt! So this is just an idea to give you guys some inspiration: you can just make some best friend bracelets with beads and cord that you can just buy at a dollar store or a craft store.

Thanks so much for watching guys! i hope that you liked the video, and if you did make sure to give it a thumbs up- i know i say this in every video, but giving a thumbs up really indicates to me if i should make more video like this- i will go through my videos and check the view to likes ratio.

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Again, make sure to check out Angelina’s video, you’re going to love it, and tell her that i sent you! If you recreate anything form this video (or any of my videos), make sure to send me a picture on instagram or tumblr.

Other than that, hope you have a wonderful, wonderful day, and I’ll see you next time.