Cool Christian t shirts

I just got finished making a t-shirt to spread the truth of Jesus Christ, i want you to check it out.

This is the front of the shirt, it says “Follow jesus not men”.

So many Christians are following men, they are following pastors and people in church, but Jesus taught the opposite, Jesus said; “Call no one Rabbi, for only one is your Master and you are all brothers…” He said; “Don’t call anyone on earth your Father for you have one Father and that is he who is in heaven.

” He also said; “Call no one Teacher for you have one Teacher the christ.

” We need to get this message of truth out to people and for people to stop listening to the lying pastors.

This is the message on the back of the shirt, it says; “Churchianity produces rotten Christians” and there is a picture of a rotten apple that is possessed by evil, and that is because so many “Christians” and pastors in the church are filled with sin and they let demons into their life.

The message is to stop rotting to repent and to obey jesus! The other day somebody asked me if you have to be a Christian in order to wear the shirts I’m making.

I don’t think that anyone would want to wear these shirts unless they were really following Jesus, otherwise it would just make you look like the biggest hypocrite.

But i will send out to you free of charge if you want to get the gospel of Jesus out and if you yourself are really in love with Jesus and obeying him! Just send me your shirt size and your mailing address to warningthepeople@yahoo.

Com May the grace of Jesus be with you.