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DIY Unicorn & Panda Costume Tumblr Hoodies

♫ Sometimes i can hear you calling ♫ Telling me that I’m a fool ♫ Well i can dream ♫ i can dream ♫ i will see a brighter day ♫ i can see ♫ See it through ♫ – Hey loves, how’s it going? i hope you guys are excited about this diy.

I was playing around with a few ideas, Eric wanted me to do a Frozen costume, but i wasn’t in the mood for like princess-y Disney kind of costume.

And i was just looking around, shopping online, and so i came across these animal hoodies that i saw on Urban Outfitters.

It’s a great way to bring that inner child out if you’re an adult, Or if you are a little kid this is a great way to, this is a great little diy to make for your kids this Halloween time.

Or not even, if you’re into cosplay, this is also perfect.

So if you guys are into mystical creatures, or if your spirit animal is a unicorn, then you guys definitely have to make this diy.

Let’s get started.

All right guys, so to start off this unicorn hoodie, you are going to need a blank hoodie.

You can use any colors.

I will be using white today.

To make the unicorn you will also need some colorful fleece.

I bought these from a fabric store at a quarter yard each in every color.

For the unicorn’s horn i will be using this piece of felt in caramel golden color, and gold string.

For the ears i will be using white fleece.

Let’s start out by working on the unicorn’s mane and take out your colorful fleece material, cut them into strips.

What I’m using for measurements is about a foot long in strips and then about a half an inch to three quarters of an inch wide.

Of course you can use any other measurements you like, this is just what I’m using and what i will be doing for my unicorn’s mane.

Time to work on the ears.

Now if you like, you can draw yourself a template.

In my case i like to just freestyle things so i will be using my hand as my measuring guide, and also as a cutting guide.

So with my hand i am just basically cutting out my ears in a shape of an ear, i guess you can say.

So now i have two sets of ears.

At this moment you should have two sets of ears, which mean four pieces altogether.

So have the right sides facing each other before sewing or gluing the ears together.

As you can see here i have the right sides facing each other.

And then I’m just sewing around the curve and then leaving the bottom of my ears left open.

After sewing, or gluing your ears, turn it inside out.

You should have something like this.

To make the inside of your ear take out a pink piece of felt, or fabric, and place your ear on top of that.

Use that as a cutting guide to cut out your pink ears.

After you have your pink ears cut out an extra half an inch around the ears to make it smaller.

Then take that and glue it on the inside of your white ears.

It’s now time to work on the unicorn’s mane.

Take out the colorful strips that you cut out earlier, find the midpoint of that and glue it along the middle seam of your hoodie.

To make your mane thicker you can glue more rolls to your mane by gluing some more on the left and the right side of your middle mane.

We are now onto making the unicorn’s horn, and with this piece of felt I’m going to cut it in half and cut out my almost triangular shape.

So the camera’s not recording on me, but basically what i did was i cut this out to this shape.

It looks like a triangle, but snipped on top.

So what you want to do is at the very top roll it in very tightly as possible, and what you will end up with is a narrow cone, just like a unicorn’s horn.

Glue this along the opening side, and then at the bottom snip off any excess material that you have, so that way the bottom can be flat.

To make the horn more firm and to have it hold up, stuff it with some cotton, or whatever scrap piece of fabric you have left over.

The last step for the horn is to draw a circle at the bottom, cut that out and glue it to the bottom of your unicorn’s horn.

I lied, that wasn’t the last step.

What you will need to do next is take out a gold string and wrap that in a spiral-y direction around the unicorn’s horn and you should have something like this.

Now find the midpoint on the top of your hoodie, add some glue to the bottom of your horn, and place that onto the hoodie.

To glue on the unicorn’s ear i suggest you try on the hoodie first and get an idea of where you would like to place the ears.

Afterward, make a little marking and then with a ruler just make sure that both sides are even and measured out so that way it can be placed about the same distance and width apart.

Then with your scissor, snip a little line that is wide enough for your ear to fit through.

Place your ear inside and then fold the cutting edge inward so that way you can’t see it.

Place some hot glue between the hoodie and the ear, do the same to the back, and also on to the other ear.

Yay, we are now onto my panda, and we’re going to start with the eyes first.

So basically i just took out a circular object around my house, i traced that, and then for the pupil I’m just drawing another circle inside the bigger circle.

And then for the bigger circle I’m just going to draw about a half an inch rim around that to give it that panda eye look.

After you’re happy with your panda’s eye cut it out and then use that as your tracing template for the second eye.

So draw the second eye, and then also draw your nose the way i draw my panda nose is i just think about a little puppy and then i just drew what i imagined.

And then just cut out the second eye and the nose.

Now it’s time to lay out the panda’s face onto the top of your hoodie and see how you would like to place the eyes and the nose.

Once you’re happy with that, take your hot glue gun and glue it onto your hoodie.

When placing the nose remember to leave a little space so that way you can draw in your panda’s smile.

For the smile I’m just basically using fabric paint, but you can also use a Sharpie marker for this.

To make your panda’s ears is just basically using the same steps like you did for your unicorn’s ear, except you will be using a circular, round template and also black fabric.

After sewing and turning your ears inside out, the last steps are to measure out where you will be placing your ears and then draw a marking spot.

Then with your scissor cut out that marking spot, insert in your ears, and then glue the hoodie to your ears.

(pop music) ♫ Sometimes i can hear you calling ♫ Telling me that I’m a fool ♫ Well i can dream ♫ i can dream ♫ i will see a brighter day – All right guys.

That is it for today.

I hope you enjoyed this video.

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And before you go, don’t leave yet, because i have some really interesting information about unicorns.

One night i had a dream and it was just such a clear vision to me, so the next morning i woke up.

So i found some really, really interesting facts, well not facts, but interesting, you know just interesting things about what unicorns mean.

So the unicorn is a symbol of purity, magic , and enchantment.

The single spiraled horn signifies unity of thoughts and purity of reason.

Isn’t that beautiful? Like, oh wow.

The single horn also reminds us that its domain is that of unity.

Unity that exists beyond the realm of matter and duality.

Very few individuals are pure and virtuous enough to be blessed with a unicorn crossing their path.

So I’m wondering if i saw it in my dream, does that mean that a unicorn is crossing my path? i don’t know, that’s kind of interesting.

So if you guys ever have had any like really weird and interesting dreams, of like a spirit animal or something like that, comment below.

I just think it’s really, really neat.

And what you guys think about spirit animals.

Tell me what you guys know.

I just love looking up mystical kind of things, like this, it just excites me.

So other than that, i wil see you guys next week.