Funny Workout Shirts

Hi everyone it’s Lukmi and welcome to The Lukmi Show.

Today i went shopping and i found Funny Workout Shirts.

All of them were for $10 Australian dollars.

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Now let’s start the modelling.

I am a tree of manhood.

I’m one with nature.

Fashionable, artistic and traditional.

I’m sure to turn heads while i walk down the nature strip.

Black and gold shimmering in the night.

I present to you my coat of arms.

I am your golden prince who lurks in the world of luxury.

I’ll take you to Miami.

Paint your world full of ochre, orange and pink.

I got style.

I’ll serenade you.

Don’t mess with me or I’ll dress with you.

It’s summer.

Palm Springs on my tee baby.

I’m a real man now.

No frills.

Not pretentious.

But I’m all substance and a bit of fun.