Geek T Shirts

Hi guys ok so I’m at amazon again big surprise and i wanted to see what knit stuff doanld trump has so i was just looking through here well it’s probably not even his stuff but if it is it’s like made somewhere else in China or another country you know some cheap cheap products and so anyhow i was just looking through some of these things here and i saw this here and I’m thinking a Donald Trump baby t-shirt and I’m thinking like a someone bought that for their kids they must really hate their baby that’s that’s just kind of what I’m thinking you see it says t-shirt there a make America great again t-shirt for your baby a onesie thingy and then there’s some socks and i think that might be kind of like the trump towers in atlantic city that are bankrupt and they’re no longer there the Trump properties that are bankrupt no longer there and left all the investors holding the bag and the contractors didn’t get paid things like that and so let’s see what else knit we can find now all this when i typed in knit i’m going to show you all up here when i typed in knit knit donald trump all this stuff come up so them yeah there’s a hat a red white and blue purple box hat whatever that is and oh there’s a wife beater a white beater hat that that that’s just as American as apple pie baseball and apple pie the Trump wife beater there and what is that a freaker usa drink insulator i don’t know what a freaker is it’s got an elephant on it now let’s go to the next page and see if there’s a little bit more up oops excuse me there’s there’s a another wife beater Donald Trump’s 2016 mens tank top finally someone with balls tank top, finally someone with the balls tank top so i guess that must be it because i clicked on page four and it took me to remembering the Reagan’s a presidential love story and the end of an era and the end of an affair so yeah um yeah that’s what what does it say celebrate the life of Nancy Reagan and the marriage and political partnership that defined a generation who oh ok so I’m done reviewing the Donald Trump shit for right now that Donald Trump knit shit for right now i like that better and so I’m hoping you guys will give me some more suggestions or and ideas and share this to reddit thumbs it up a whole bunch of times and yeah oh i love your comments too.

I’d like for you guys to leave comments and things for me so well thank you so much for watching and i will see you guys the next time love you peace love and avocados.