Halloween shirts

♫ Everybody get up (Blurred Lines feat.

David so & Joseph Vincent) ♫ Yeah ♫ Woo ♫ (laughing) All right, what up d.

So ♫ Hey, hey hey ♫ What’s up, j.


♫ Hey, hey, hey ♫ It’s your boy p.

Keezy ♫ Hey, hey, hey ♫ Let’s do this man, let go – [Voiceover] Who here loves Halloween? It’s that one day out of the entire year that we can express ourselves without judgement.

One night per year, we can escape our reality and create a whole new world.

The holiday makes absolutely no sense at all and i love it.

Halloween is the perfect time to showcase your diy skills and go nuts making your own costume.

Today, i will show you three quick and easy costume ideas that you can make just by using T-shirts.

♫ That man is not your maker ♫ And that’s why I’mma take a good girl ♫ i know you want it, i know you want it ♫ i know you want it ♫ You’re a good girl ♫ Can’t let it get past me, ♫ You’re far from plastic ♫ Talk about getting blasted – [Voiceover] Okay, so let’s get started with the first costume.

For materials, you will need nine foam balls, pink, blue, yellow acrylic paint, and a glue gun.

Last on the list, you will need a white T-shirt for this.

Here i have the foam balls cut in half and I’m going to paint six yellow, six pink, and six blue balls altogether.

Make sure to let your paint dry before adding on the next coat.

I would say i used about three coats altogether.

Once the foam is completely dried, go ahead and place that onto your white T-shirt and see how you like it.

Once you’re happy with the result, take your hot glue gun and glue it onto the shirt.

Okay, so this next costume is for the big girls out there who likes to let their inner bunny out.

For this bunny costume you will need a headband, some black tape, some pipe cleaner from the craft store, and half a yard in lace.

First thing I’m going to do is take out the pipe cleaner and I’m going to use two per ear.

What i did at the top is i just connect it by twisting the pipe cleaner together and then for the bottom, i just fold the ends in, depending on how wide i want the ears to look.

You can make this any shape you want.

This is what I’m going for.

Then, I’m going to twist the ends together just like so.

I held the ears against each other just to make sure that they’re the same size and then now, I’m going to take my electrical black tape and just tape it all around onto the headband.

Once both ears are on, take out the lace and then cut it around according to the shape of your ear.

Then, what you’re going to do is take the hot glue gun and place some hot glue along the pipe.

Then, you’re going to lay the lace on top of that and then cut off any excess material.

Then, just repeat on the other side.

Now for the dress part, I’m simply laying down my black T-shirt and then I’m going to take a fitted dress that fits me well and place it over the black T-shirt.

I’m going to use this as my cutting guide, so now with my scissors I’m just going to cut outside, about half an inch farther out from where the dress is.

After cutting out the shape of the dress, I’m going to turn that inside out.

Okay, so now it’s time to attach the sides together.

You can use a sewing machine if you want, but for now I’m just going to use some fabric glue and I’m placing that on the inside, right side of the dress.

Okay, so time for the neckline and here, I’m just going to freestyle it out with my ruler and chalk.

If you want to have specific measurement, then i recommend that you use the ruler and hold it up to your body and see how plunging you want your neckline to look.

I’m just cutting this out now and then I’m going to take a piece of lace and lay it over to see how much to cut and then, I’m just going to use the line and cut around this.

It looks like a slice of pizza.

From there, I’m just going to take some glue and place the glue along the neckline and then place the lace on top of that.

Then, I’m going to take a piece of paper or cardboard to place it between the material so that way, the glue doesn’t seep through and get stuck to the other side.

On to the hand accessory.

Now, take out the leftover lace that you cut out and cut the ends of the sleeves off, just like this.

We’re going to create an elastic tie.

Now, cut off a triangle from the lace, just like how I’m doing it here and then, glue the wider part onto the elastic part and then the smaller part onto a ring.

To wear this, you’re basically going to tie it around your wrist and the ring goes on your finger.

For the bunny tail, i just cut up little pieces of lace and then i tie them together.

Afterward, i would take some hot glue and stick some more lace pieces inside of that bunch, so that way you could create a more fluffy effect and make it look more round and like a bunny tail.

Okay so for this last costume, Cereal Killer Dan, you will need an empty cereal box, cardboard, black tape, aluminum foil, red acrylic paint, and a glue gun.

The first thing I’m doing here with a piece of cardboard is I’m drawing out a fake knife.

After i draw and cut that out, I’m going to take aluminum foil and wrap it around the knife area to make it look shiny.

After that, at the handle part, I’m just going to take my electrical tape and just cover it up.

You can use black duct tape too if you like, just to give it that real knife look.

This is real simple, guys.

With the hot glue gun, I’m just going to place hot glue all over the back of the cereal box and then glue that onto the T-shirt.

Then, with the scissor I’m making a slit in the cereal box and then I’m taking some red paint here to give it that bloody effect and I’m just spreading it around to make it look gruesome.

Then, I’m taking my knife and I’m sticking it into the little slit and then I’m just going to add a little bit more bloody effect on this T-shirt.

That’s basically it.

It’s so fun and it’s just hilarious.

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