netflix and chill shirt

What are you doing tonight? I’m going to Netflix & Chill with Sarah Ooh lala what? I’m just going to chill.

I feel like chilling.

Netflix & chill is code language for kissing.

My friendly friend.

And maybe even some fiddling Code language? What is this? The Matrix i just want to see an episode of Fargo! Too bad.

There will be kissing and fiddling Nonsense.

I’m a man.

A manly man.

If someone would like to kiss and fiddle, they should just ask! It’s not like a man ever said no to kissing and fiddling In fact.

It’s a curse.

I can’t say no.

I tried once.

I failed.

I said yes.

Try it.

Ask me.

Ask me if i want to kiss and fiddle.

Wanna kiss and fiddle? Yes.

I just want to netflix.

I just want to chill.

What do i have to say if i would actually like to netflix and chill? Im sorry but.

But i’m afraid that’s not possible.

This is sheer nonsens! Sheer, and you know it! i didn’t make the rules.

You should just learn to accept it.

I will not.

I will not kiss.

And i will not fiddle.

Not tonight! Beautiful to see.

Young hope.

But it’s futile! i will call her and will straighten this out.

Hey you! Yeah, you! What are you with you- Perverse thoughts! Are you a perve or something!? You want to french kiss? French kiss all night long? Stirring! No! We are going to watch Fargo and we’re going to like it! You filthy s- You slut! Yes.

Yes! Bye! She absolutely did not want to kiss.

And she absolutely did not want fiddle.

Silence isn’t consent.

Not even in the case of blue check marks.

I just got rejected.

And you witnessed it.

This means i’ve got all the time of the world tonight.

Which begs the question: Would you like to Netflix & Chill tonight? Netflix and chill? Yes.

What!? i mean- i mean the opposite of Yes.

Which of course is: Yes.

I said so.

It’s a curse.

Do you prefer with or without ribbing? With.


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