You like noodles Sedap right? Do you lick it? Yep.

You said so.

You are weird.

Hi, good morning to you and back again in our vlog.

Today is the video Mail Time again.

Yay, mail time! You could barely see the sign mail time back there, it’s him.

Here, mail time.

And speaking in some previous videos we told you About displaying products made in Indonesia in our videos.

To help you promote it, show the world that you have a product made in Indonesia.

And i think we can be one that is sent to us.

Because here in Indonesia madi says proudly.

Proudly made in Indonesia and this is cool, this terulis of Primary Tactical.

Well let’s get this open.

Sarah i can not.

Wow, how nice wrap.

As there are two things here.


Good number one is what? Do you think this is? It says a military shirt.

You are sure? Hugh.

Maybe this T-shirt.

Wow, this is cool.

For you papa.

This size xxl.

Cool, let’s open.

Wait a friend.


The color is good.

Look at this, this is good friends.

There is a picture of the American flag diatanya.

And here it is written, made with pride in Indonesia.

So it was he one jersey.

Primary Tactical, look cool t-shirt.

Show them the front.

This front.


Is this the Jokowi? Not.

It says the commander in chief (Supreme Commander).

I guess it was not Jokowi.

Sorry friends but i do not know who it is.

I berbpendapat this one Indonesian president.

And it is blue.

Cool, this T-shirt see friends.


This is it.

Good, size xl.

Buttons left? Yes, snaps again.


This is different.

This is it, look at this cool friends.

It’s incredible.

Good friends, if you want you want to be one of these shirts.

There is a link in the description of this video where we will make a small contest.

To give one of these shirts to you and help promote the Primary Tactical yes.

Good guys, let’s show them love you And try to win this shirt, we liaht some of the many people who want to come and get one of these shirts 4.

And in the description there is also information for this company.

Where you can find their shirts.

And look at the other items they are selling.

Good friends.

So soon see that and we also have other packages we’ll open.

But we have to make a pair of scissors, stone, paper for it.

Papa win of all.

Everything, i beat everybody.

But I’ll give it to Seth.

Yes, thank you.


Because, thanks.

You are welcome.

Didi, oh yes we sure love to know from whom.




It’s mama and Mama and Sarah.

Wow, cool.

Wow that’s what Seth? It’s Julie and family.

Julie and family.


Show it to the camera.

Oh, yes.

And this for Julie and family.

Great, so what is there here.

See, this is for me.

Nice, light cool head.

Sarah, the same.

Let me see and show them so they can see better.

Head light.


This is for Wow, cool stuff is what? Papa.

For me.

This led spotlight, look at that.

It says to your studio.

Wow great.

There are two to papa, good.

Thank you very much, very good.

We see again.

I’ll try it now and see the difference.

Mama and i can shopping bags and we can use this in three ways, good.

Oh, we can use in three ways.


It’s like a shopping bag that can be used repeatedly.

That is cool.

This bright friends.

Yes this is so bright.

And Didi we feel better and we were not cold anymore.

But it sounds delicious coffee and biscuits.

This is it.


A little extra light.

What is that for? For travel bag.



What is this? Other travel bag? Yes it for mama.

Wow, good one, this biscuit.


It’s a lot of biscuits.

He says we make coffee.

We will eat all in a flash.

Not that it would be bad for us.

It may take two days.

Or a few hours, one or two.

Let’s wait and see.

Good of you to be like that, you send your Indonesian pride products.

We will promote in our channel and create a giveaway to promote it more.

And through the giveaway, people will be directed to your website Or your facebook account or your instagram account.

Whatever is included with your product.

We will direct people to your website so they can see your products.

They can see the more you sell, and hopefully they can order something from you.

So if you want to enter your product in our time video mail.

Immediately send to po Box below.

We would be happy to promote your product and help you.

Well let’s go to lunch.

And go shopping but Seth is not ready to go.

Now you’re ready for ya.

Can you lock the door? Good so where lunch brought us today? To McDonalds here in Yogyakarta.

Indonesia today is not the food we would eat American food Sarah.

Maybe, but if we eat rice bowl.

Because here in Indonesia they had the fried chicken and rice bowl that we did not have in America.

Let’s see what is here, there is a dark chocolate It’s the chicken that i say here are chicken thighs.

And others are very normal except for one with an egg in it’s weird.

Mcdonald tasty, i did not show her food because there is nothing special that you’ve never seen before ya.

Chicken nuggets, chicken sandwich and McDouble cheeseburger for Seth.

With water so nothing special.

Only the food was tasty and the price is not too expensive.

Let us go to the supermarket.

Jules will make dinner.

But before we go We emotion out because there are a subscriber here Standing outside the car and he wanted to see.

Hello, what is your name? Yoni? Oh Jhonny.

So the new Sarah apload photos on instagram and he comes, he lives near here.

Is it true? Wow cool, i enter in a location.

Oh, yes.


Instagram is very functional.

Wow great.


So it was nice new Sarah apload photos on Instagram account instagram Martin And he lived near here so good that he came and met us when going out so thank you for coming, it was incredible.

Now we’ve got Giamt so let’s go and find some materials, Julie will cook dinner So hopefully he can show you what he created.

I do not know what it is, i think we were a surprise.

Surely something good.

I have long brought you here so i thought to bring you here and show what kind of supermarkets in Indonesia.

It was not the greatest here but this is minor.

So let us around the store with Sarah.

First there beverage section.

This name is Adam Sari there is incredible you have to try if you are in Indonesia.

What is that? i do not know, is back here part of vegetables and fruits.

Oh vegetables and fruits.

See all the fruit, the fruit of what Sarah? This avocado avocado is called in Indonesian.

Is it true.

It soursop.


What it soursop? i do not know.

You want to lick it? Lick it.


Come lick it.

But this is good, this bark i think this is in Hawaii.

Then there guava.


Or fruit.

I guess this is not the fruit.

Guava (guava) That he guava.

And in Papua’s called yawas.

Do not lick it.

Someone will buy it and this bengkoang.

Bengkoang yes.

I’m not sure it’s okay.

It looked like would be yes.


Similar roots.

But this good? It’s like apples.

This lick.


And something that may be different in America, l Ihat how much rice here and how much packaging.

Mostly to individuals.

Here there are carp.

They are great.

That’s it, then over here there are other fish.

Yes other fish up there.

There are chicken feet if you want to.

The original chicken legs here.

Where? Here, a chicken leg.

Good, lick it.


Come lick it.


Well here are the noodles.

We need noodles.

Sarah where our favorite noodle? Indomie i want to create a video noodles.

This one? It’s your favorite? Savory noodles.

This lick.

You like noodles delicious, right? You lick it? Yep.

You said so.

You are weird.

You lick this.

He actually lick it Sarah.

Did not he just make as if he lick it.

I lick.


Yes i did.

Now it is your turn.


There were traces of sycophancy Seth there.

Congratulations to buy it.

Good meat cans.

Look at this as spam cans but this corn chicken (chicken) and the rest of canned beef as usual but.

Look at this, this is interesting.

This is it.

Hormel Luncheon Meat me wonder if it tastes like spam.

I mean Hormel makes spam.

I think it’s exactly the same as spam.

I do not know.

Very expensive.

Ya see the price, which is 29,000.

25,000 29,000 But these are my friends 105,000.

So we are not going to buy it today.

No, 8 dollars.

8 bucks for a can of spam.

For me it was a little expensive, that in America how much spam is now at the supermarket? Something unique i have never seen this in the us, there may be but i have not noticed.

Never need it but Tell me your thoughts on this.

This is a disposable underwear, there are 7 underwear in this little box.

Disposable, there is for women too.

I know we have a pair but i do not think fit to 7 pieces in a little box like that, so it was something that was very thin.

I do not know if we have it in America? Jules and Sarah was shopping inside, i think i and Seth have been a little can.

Seth, Yes.

So we go out and sit here, this is a great selling fried chicken, fried chicken is the name Giant.

And they had the fried chicken is delicious, more delicious than kfc in my opinion.

Sometimes i talk about here are very noisy sometimes, like how noisy when near roads.

So the way there.

And here i had Decimal j adi reader lets see how noisy here.

Good friends, I’m sorry.

When i woke up this morning i remove all video from last night.

After we got home Julie cook chicken curry And tempeh we ate it last night and sat at home but i deleted all the videos so i apologize.

So i want to say thank you if you have not subsceribe subscribe immediately.

I usually do not remove the video.

Today is a special day.

Until next time, have a nice day beautiful And Keep Smiling: 0.