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Ignorance is bliss in this case so much hi guys welcome to the top It could be a little bit windy so we apologise in advance if affects the audio too much yeah, we wanted to try something different so And see how it goes So this is a different style of video, we are going to try this out, see if you guys like it, how it turns out Let us know in the comments below We think in calling this segment tvc chat time Yeah, we are going to pick a comment or something that keeps coming out and chat about it, talk about it exactly really casually And the one that keeps coming at the moment is a lot of young people commenting saying: "You know, i am in high school, and am about to go to college or am half through college and.

I am thinking about my future career path and i am feeling a bit overwhelmed, i am feeling a bit hopeless, can you help me out? Yeah, and ignorance is bliss in this case so much is harder the more you know Yeah So the feeling is they are really losing hope, you know? There is so much wrong with the world Yeah In terms of animals but also of the people and the enviroment and is like how So many careers are involved in someway exploding the one, two or all three of those aspects Absolutely, and how don’t you lose hope, how do you contribute in a positive way and be part of the solution i mean, obviously going vegan is the first and most important step but then what do you do for the rest of your life? Exactly, we got to acknowledge that we live in a non vegan world So first of all, acknowledging that, sorts of take a little bit of the pressure off because you are like well, i can do only so much That’s right, you can’t control everything, you can’t change everything Is like you can only do what you can do within the restrictions of this world that we collectively created Exactly So keep that under perspective And also, don’t think that what you choose today is what are you going to do for the rest of your life, absolutely not i mean, even if you had your "dream job" today, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will do that forever i mean, nothing is forever, the only constant is change Yeah, we found our "dream jobs" many times over in the last, you know, couple of years So, as you change, as you evolve, as your passions and ideas changes, so do what you do Yeah and just do the best choices that you can within the circumstances that you are given in any point of time Yeah You live as conscious and ethical as you can That’s really it So what we wanna to say is: we hear you and we been there and we totally understand this feeling of aaghhh i am in a hole and what are we gonna do How am i going to help make this world better Yeah, but no one individual can carry the weight of the world on their shoulders because it will crush you and the problems that exist in the world are bigger that any of one individual can do anything about Yeah, and it’s kind of the collective effort of all of us that makes that change Yeah But also, the other thing it’s the only game in town which we read many years ago Basically, what else are you gonna do? You are going to try to be part of the solution doing the best you can in any way possible Because otherwise you just throw your hands up and say: oh well, stuffed, you know It’s nothing i can do so i won’t do anything, which isn’t true No, and one of our favorite quote is one that relates to what you have just say is by Mahatma Gandhi It says: "Whatever you do in life will be insignificant but it’s important that you do it" And that for us, that just sums it up Oh wow, have you seen my hair? That really sums it up, Do it anyway, follow your heart, keep things in perspective Know that you are not alone We are all in this together, and you know.

Do your bit, follow your conscience and your ethics and morals And always remember that nothing is always perfect So, the person who raised this on tumblr was saying: "Well, i like to be a lawyer for refugees but then put up the case and i will let them down, and you know.

My job can make someone’s life totally miserable" And that’s true, you are not gonna to win every case, you are not going to be the savior in every situation No matter how much you try, and how much you wanna help people Sometimes you can stuff up, sometimes you are gonna fail but do it anyway Exactly, and you can’t let fear of the unknown paralise you because that fear can be extremely crippling and then you are effective altogether Alright guys, that was our first tv chat, let us know what you think And in the comments below tells us what you wanna chat about next time Don’t forget to like this video, share your thoughts, do you want more of this kind of videos Oh, now the sun comes out, well thank you Mr.

Sunshine Don’t forget to suscribe to this channel if you haven’t already and remember until next time that going vegan is not the most we can do It’s the least we can do See you next video Bye guys.