Video Game Hoodies

– Alright so we are doing the hoodie monster Olympics.

(crowd cheering) Forward, stir it up.

Now, take it, flip it upside down.

So step in when it’s upside down.

I’ll help you.

And put your feet into the arm hole.

Now you might need to sit down for this part.

One second, let me get my foot in.

There, i don’t need to sit down.

But put your head through that hole and your arms in.

(laughing) Can you take my hood off? – Yep.

– That’s so weird.

– Okay I’m gonna try it.

– You may need to pull it down butt a little bit.

– i can’t do it.

– Then pull it off of your butt and just put it on your butt.

Now sit down.

And then put your head in.

– [Dad] Blakely help him pull it down.

– Okay, someone get this hood off of me.

– Now pull it over his back.

– Ah, what are you doing, that’s my shirt.

– Oh sorry.

I can’t.

– This is horrible.

– Come on Braxton.

(laughing) – Pull it back, pull it back.

– Daddy can help you.

– Pull mine back.


Pull it back, dad.

Okay, thank you.

– How’d you say we take these off? – We don’t.

– [Dad] Are you guys wrestling? – [Braxton] He’s fallen and he can’t get up.

– [Sterling] Okay i got up.

– [Braxton] Alright I’m gonna take a spin.

– Alright, now sit down.

Sit back down.

– My legs are already worn out.

– [Sterling] Yes.

– High five.

– [Both] Yeah.

– Alright let’s race.

– [Dad] Cheating.

– [Blakely] Daddy can you pull my hood? – [Dad] No.

Alright, are you ready? – No, my hood, can you pull my hood up? – [Dad] On your mark, get set, go.

– [Whitney] i won first and Blakely won second.

– I’m second? – And Sterling was third and Braxton was fourth.

– i was second for the first time.

– [Whitney] Yeah but your hoodies really big.

– Yeah that’s like you’re normally walking.

Blakely, your hands have to be all the way down to your ankle.

– Now it’s time for the long jump.

No not that far.

– [Dad] No you gotta, i guess any way you wanna jump is fine.

– So i jump at the white line? – [Dad] Yeah.

(laughing) – Hold your jump.

– [Dad] Hold your spot.

– [Whitney] Where his first foot is.

– [Braxton] Hey no that’s not where i jumped.

– [Whitney] Yeah it is.

It’s where your first foot lands.

– [Braxton] i landed right here.

– [Dad] Okay now move over, roll away.

– [Braxton] Now Sterling, your turn.

– Thank you, okay.

Tell me when to go.

– [Dad] Whenever you’re ready.

– His first foot was right there.

– [Sterling] No it wasn’t, it was here.

– You rolled right there.

– [Dad] Alright so that didn’t beat Braxton.

Oh but we need second and third.

We’ll just remember.

Go ahead and get out of the way.

Roll out of the way, Sterl.

– Stand up and walk.

– Ready? – [Dad] Announce yourself.

– Okay it’s me, Whitney Barry.

(laughing) – [Sterling] Oh she got just as far as Braxton.

– [Dad] She’s ahead by a little bit.


Alright clear out.

– [Whitney] It’s where my toes are.

– [Dad] Gotcha.

No it’s heels, we’re doing heels.

Announce yourself Blakers.

– i am Blakely.

– [Sterling] i think she beat you.

– [Whitney] No, she got exactly with Braxton.

– No i didn’t.

– [Whitney] Yeah I’m right here.

– [Blakely] i landed right here.

– You jumped after you landed.

So it looks like i won, Braxton and Blakely tied second– – [Blakely] No we did not tie.

I was right here.

– [Braxton] Oh come on Blakely, we tied.

– It doesn’t matter.

Braxton and Blakely tied and Sterling got last.

– [Sterling] Yay.

– [Braxton] You landed there but– – [Dad] Alright, what’s next, Whitey? – The next is the Javelin throw.

– [Sterling] How are we gonna do that? – Now we are throwing the Javelin next, for the Javelin throw.

We are measuring from the farthest point it goes.

So, throw like this.

– Woah.

– [Dad] 218 inches.

– 218 inches.

– Watch me throw like a girl.

– Wow.


– What did i get? – 218.

– What? – i beat her.

– But dad she threw it straight.

– She threw it and it slid.

– [Whitney] Wait Blakely slid? – [Braxton] The boys are doing it the hard way.

– [Whitney] No you’re not.

(laughing) – Boo.

– i think i lost.

– Nope there’s still one more contestant.

– Blakely, hold that there.

125 inches.

– Yeah.

– So did i still win? – [Dad] Yep, but there’s one more competitor left.

– I’m doing it the hard way.

– [Dad] Do it for the boys, buddy.

– Yes i will do it for the boys.

And since i can’t do it like the girls, ’cause I’m not that flexible, i have to do it like this.

(laughing) – [Dad] Measure that Blakely.

– Zero inches.

– i think he lost.

– [Whitney] No you should have just said that measures loser.

Loser of the Javelin throw.

What are we doing? The final event is called the shot put.

Alright so right now, me and Blakely are tied for first place and those two, Braxton is in last place and Sterling is in third place.

– Oh last place wow.

– Or second place.

And this is the shot put.

So basically we’re gonna throw it as far as we can– – And try and not hurt dad.

– And whoever gets the farthest wins.

– [Dad] Alright, on your mark, get set, go.

– [Sterling] i think i won.

I did it, yes yes.

– So it looks like the score– – Hurry I’m gonna fall.

Three seconds.

– [Dad] Wait til we play the national anthem.

(star spangled banner music) – i won.

(star spangled banner music).